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Commissions Open Stamp by izka197

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

I do accept Points, however I prefer money so I will be taking more of those than I will of points. How this will work is I will give you an initial quote upon request, and if you accept I will begin working on it. It's your choice whether you pay me right away or not, but for the sake of fairness to all parties I would ask to be payed once I send you the sketch progress. That way you can tell me if you changed your mind or want me to change something before I invest too much time into it. That being said, I can be a little flexible with the prices if you so wish, just keep in mind I do have the right to refuse your commission if I feel you are trying to haggle me too much, or for other reasons I will be listing on a journal later.


Backgrounds: If you want a background on the image, depending on the style it may cost extra. If it's something super simple that will take me literally ten minutes to do then I probably won't charge, but things like scenery backgrounds I will be charging like $5-$10 extra depending on how long it will take me to work on.*

Multiple characters: If you want to put in an extra character. each extra will cost $7 if the picture is non shaded, and $15 if shaded. I will limit the amount of characters I will draw in one scene to 6 (however, if it's like a Pokemon Trainer with her team members sort of thing, then I can do that.)


Flat Color -No Background-

It's hard to say goodbye -Commission- by xFoxblaze Cobalt Aura first arrival by xFoxblaze Doodles Filly Rescue by xFoxblaze

I know all these examples are ponies, but I can do humans or anthros or most other things as well. Price range will be between $18-25 depending on the complexity of the character.

Shaded w/ highlights -No background-

Point Commission: Spot and Danny by xFoxblaze Gypsy by xFoxblaze Empress Phenacite by xFoxblaze

Because shading and highlighting can become tedious, these will be in the range of $30-50

My characters by other people

Matryoshka by Pikachim-Michi ::CO:: xFoxBlaze - Rena by GraffitiMutt Request for *xFoxBlaze by NioiTakoNoki Chibi Rena by PrinceofPride Time, Sacrifice, Nihilism, Despair, and Rage. by NioiTakoNoki Bappy Hirthday Foxpaw/Blaze by NioiTakoNoki Crystal by Parka-Posy Chibi Commission 02 by SevBD Foxy Boxes :'D by azurkai Soaring Grace by Parka-Posy Soaring Grace Dress by Parka-Posy -Commission for xFoxblaze- by Hagazusa Soaring by Parka-Posy Soaring Grace by secret-pony Hey there by Parka-Posy Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by azurkai Gift: Jade by TerracottaVulture Foxblaze's request by Robinstar99 A sleepy pile of chus by Amelie-The-Pixie Let's play climb on mummy and daddy... by Amelie-The-Pixie For Foxeh by azurkai RC: screenshot 6 by Pikachim-Michi RC:dont wake me up [non-canon screenshot] by Pikachim-Michi Tea Time by Cloudvp AT: Soaring grace by AlyssaC-12 Gift: Foxy loxy by azurkai To FoxBlaze From Potato by NioiTakoNoki Art Trade with xFoxblaze! by theWeaverofTales Rena by Hono-Atomi Dreaming of the world by Darknessgirl27 display detail team Foxfire by KilaWolfsblut RC Secret Santa by foxesgoquack AT: Soaring Grace by BubblegumBloo AT : XFoxBlaze by MaverickMattieMikami AT: Foxblaze by Vye-Brante AT with xFoxblaze: Soaring Grace by NioiTakoNoki Image by emoblackcat666 [RC] Profile Icons by MewW0lf GF: Soaring Grace by Pikachim-Michi CB: collab with my sis fox [trouble magic] by Pikachim-Michi Request: Soaring Grace by hunnyflash Soaring Grace ~dark version~ by hunnyflash The fire pony by Darknessgirl27 c: Rena by undead-alien c: Rena Page Doll by undead-alien Time to Fly by undead-alien PC Icons by Hexxii GF: aleiyah by Pikachim-Michi being with you [estar contigo] by Pikachim-Michi Request Foxblaze and Kyuubi by NioiTakoNoki Lazy Bird by TakuyaRawr Request Parade 5476 by azurkai Water Nymph by Pikachim-Michi Request Kitsuko and Sandstorm by NioiTakoNoki
Team Foxfire display detail by KilaWolfsblut Raffle: Sophaira by undead-alien Yerbatero by Pikachim-Michi Commission: Zanon, Flurry, and Emerald by TheNornOnTheGo Chibi Commission: xFoxblaze by SquigyButt Request Team Foxfire vs Team Firefox by NioiTakoNoki
Thank you to all who have ever drawn any of my characters~








xFoxblaze has started a donation pool!
376 / 2,000
If you donate points, I will continue to do requests during my Join Me's. If not, there will be fewer, as I have other stuff I should focus on besides art.

Raised to 2k since I started getting donations and commissions, and I found out how much I need for premium membership

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Sara Johnson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
c: Rena Page Doll by undead-alien

I love Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts too. I'm not the BEST at drawing, I prefer animals, however I'm getting better with people, but according to my friends as well as complete strangers like you guys I'm pretty good.

My DA family:

:iconazurkai: She is an amazing artist, way better than me (though she refuses to believe so and is in denial because she thinks I am better X3c)
At first, I was kinda nervous to talk to her because she was so good, I don't even remember how or when I finally broke down the wall and started talking casually with her. She often helps me with my problems when I'm feeling depressed and talks me out of it, so I consider her my older sister.

:iconpikachim-michi: Omg, I can't even fully remember how we met, but she is my clone twin! We have similar lives, similar problems, similar interests and personalities, like seriously, I can't believe how much we have in common. I finally feel like I have someone I can truly confide it when I need to work through things that I don't feel comfortable with talking to anyone else with.

:iconkronikweasel: You know that one friend everyone has where they pick on or greet with some rude comment, but it's all meant in fun and the friend understands that? Yeah, thats him for us X3c Seriously, sometimes I almost feel bad cause I'm not sure if he takes it to heart or not, but all seems well and fun. We do have our serious moments though, he also tries to help me when I'm feeling down. If I had to pick one family position for him, I think the most suited would be my cousin. Someone I don't see or talk to all the time, yet we still understand each other pretty well.

:iconice-flake: Now, she is my IRL friend, but my best friend ever. We've been through thick and thin, seen each other at our best and helped each other through our worst. She truly is my irreplaceable friend, and btw, my Pokemon Team Foxfire, Sandstorm roughly has her personality.

:iconnioitakonoki: I met her on Smackjeeves, a webcomic hosting site, because both our stories involve the human becoming a Vulpix and the partner as an Eevee, and we have been friends ever since. We even decided to feature each other in the comics, and I'm going to try to do a crossover thing where my team visits her team. I even have a great idea for how it will go down ^^

What do you want to see me do more of? 

10 deviants said Fan art! I want to see your take on characters from video games/shows/movies
6 deviants said OC'S! I love your characters, and wish they would get more of the spotlight!
1 deviant said Other?


Young Xehanort Keyblade v3 primed (pic2) by finaformsora

This looks amazing so far, and it's not even done! I like the texture it seems to have (though it could just be the photo quality, idk ...

Glittering Pearl HeadShot by Syico
by Syico

Overall, I think this is very beautiful! I like the use of colors, I love how it seems to shimmer, and I like the little stars you adde...

cardinal woodburning by finaformsora

I really like this, I always love to see wood burning art. There are some things I don't like about this though, mostly anatomy errors....

fluffy Fallon .:Art Trade:. by MayaWolf13

The anatomy is decent though it could use a bit of work, as well as the face structure. I like the pose, although for the POV the back ...

Pokemon Army

My friend Michi started this, so I thought I would too! If you want to join, comment with what Pokemon you want to be featured as!


.:.Fennekin .:. by azurkai Canon in D by azurkai I'll listen by azurkai


pokemon OC: Mitsuki / Amy by Ice-Flake Chibi Christmas by Ice-Flake Request: Team FireFox by Ice-Flake Request: OC Koal by Ice-Flake No.... (dragon nest) by Ice-Flake




Lanterns by NioiTakoNoki Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Design Request by NioiTakoNoki Bappy Hirthday Foxpaw/Blaze by NioiTakoNoki Neighbors by NioiTakoNoki Portal 2 - Atlas and P-Body by NioiTakoNoki


cute-epic-awesome by Pikachim-Michi AGHA: chritmas event - ruka and jewel by Pikachim-Michi AG-HA : mission1: ghost storage by Pikachim-Michi AGHA: meme 2 by Pikachim-Michi 7:michi-fursona by Pikachim-Michi


Merry Christmas Foxblaze!
Wed Dec 25, 2013, 12:29 AM
i miss chu ;A;
Mon Nov 11, 2013, 8:31 PM
Of the herp variety
Thu Feb 21, 2013, 11:45 AM
Mon Feb 11, 2013, 1:33 PM
Lol thanks apple :3
Thu Jan 17, 2013, 8:22 PM
Wed Jan 16, 2013, 7:37 PM
Damn, you are good.
Wed Jan 16, 2013, 6:58 AM
Herp a Derp
Sun Dec 30, 2012, 1:30 AM
Sat Dec 15, 2012, 10:59 AM
I agree!
Thu Nov 29, 2012, 4:49 PM



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